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Experts in overhead environments
Documenting sunken history
Ice Diving
Cold water specialists
Getting close to apex predators
Experience the true color of nature
High Quality Underwater Cinematography
Going places never seen before
Marine Life
Experience the wonders of nature
Experts in deep water diving projects
Staying down deeper for longer
Recording the facts
Footage audiences want to see
Experience shooting in remote places

70% of Planet Earth is covered by water, our Specialty is Documenting what’s Beneath it

Liquid Productions, Inc. is a professional underwater video production company that specializes in High Definition broadcast video, 4 & 6k acquisition, and still photography.

Our Emmy Award winning cameramen have over a decade of experience shooting in technically challenging underwater environments including caves, shipwrecks, under ice and working with a variety of marine wildlife. There are only a handful of underwater cinematographers in the world that film in extreme underwater environments. We are highly trained in many types of technical scuba diving and our reputation for capturing quality images is why we’ve worked with major networks.

Video Production


Our qualified camera operators shoot for Broadcast Television, Documentaries, Reality TV, Commercials, News, Promotional Videos, and on special underwater projects and expeditions. 



Liquid Productions uses the newest Digital SLR cameras and housings. We are available to work on special assignments or choose from our stock photography portfolio of thousands of images..  

Equipment Rental


Need specific equipment for your next project? We have a range of cameras and underwater housings from HD to RED EPIC DRAGON, lighting and uw audio kits available for hire.

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