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Becky is a 5 time Emmy-Award winning underwater cameraman and photographer whose work can be seen on major networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and the Smithsonian Channel. She is co-owner of Liquid Productions, Inc, specializing in capturing images in extreme underwater environments from caves, under ice, deep shipwrecks and wildlife. Her projects have taken her all over the world from the Arctic to Antarctic and many exciting locations in between. Recently Becky organized and lead a successful expedition to be one of only a handful of people to ever dive inside a Glacier in Alaska.

Her biggest passion is shooting haunting images of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. She combines her artistic style with powerful stories of tragedy, mystery and survival to ignite the viewers imagination. water. She’s constantly pushing the limits of technology and trying new creative techniques to capture the beauty of the underwater world. In the past few years she’s also been working on producing high quality 3D photogrammetry models which showcases shipwrecks in a new way to divers and non-divers and bring those shipwrecks to life. In March 2023 she opened an exhibit at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum showcasing 50 shipwreck images from the Great Lakes and interactive 3D models of wrecks along with video and 3D printed models.

Becky started diving in 1995 at the age of 12 and instantly knew she would do this the rest of her life. Her father passed away when she was 13 teaching her life is short and to follow her dreams. Growing up in Florida she was introduced to cave diving in the picturesque springs at 14 years old.  Learning how to shoot in little to no light, overhead environments and being task loaded was what started her passion for trying to capture images of places or animals that few people have ever seen. She became a full cave diver at 18 and a NAUI Instructor #35708 that same year. She taught recreational scuba through college while also expanding her technical diving education by doing trimix and diving deeper into caves in the following years. She began her journey into rebreathers in 2007 and began teaching CCR and technical diving in 2013 throughTDI. Today she is a mixed gas Rebreather Instructor teaching on two units.

One of her biggest passions is diving & documenting shipwrecks in North Americas Great Lakes.  She’s filmed ships in 1-100 meters of water in each of the five Great Lakes. She’s worked with the National Park Service filming shipwrecks in 3D in Isle Royale National Park and worked on exploration projects searching for new wrecks in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. In 2011 she was worked with NOAA, WHOI & SONY on a documentary called “Project Shiphunt” searching for shipwrecks. They found the Schooner M.F. MERRICK lost in 1889 and ETURA in over 95m of icy cold water off Presque Isle Michigan. In June of 2015 Becky was part of the first team of divers to document the ALICE E. WILDS found by Shipwreck Explorers in Milwaukee Michigan in 100m. The team was the first to lay eyes on the shipwreck in over a century! She was also one of the first divers to help document and do the first photogrammetry model of the Agustus Handy discovered near Cheboygan Michigan in 2021. Becky’s passion for the Great Lakes has only grown fiercer over the years and visiting more sites and capturing hauntingly beautiful imagery on these historical wrecks is one of her favorite locations in the world. Her images have been featured in dozens of magazine articles both in the USA and internationally. She thrives on the challenges and is driven by always experimenting with creative techniques to tell a story and have eye catching images.

Becky has also participated in several other expeditions to explore virgin wrecks in a remote area of Japan, and documenting deep sea mounts off the coast of Brazil with scientists. She filmed the exploration of Weeki Wachee Cave system in 2009, and participated in the Phantom Springs Cave Project in Texas in 2012. Her background in cave diving has led to underwater Director of Photography jobs shooting in 6K for RED BULL, National Geographic, and BBC. Her extensive diving experience in a variety of environments has earned a reputation for being able to safely capture footage in challenging underwater locations and work with teams.

Becky has a degree in Communications from the University of Tampa and started her career in Broadcast news covering everything from the Presidential election in 2008 to major hurricanes. That photojournalism background has stayed with her and she actively writes for over 8 magazines and has the covers of many of them each year. Her images have also been used in Museums, ads, billboards, several books and educational materials. She is currently a “Friend of the Brand” for Seiko Watches and appears in many of their ad campaigns and commercials.

Becky feels fortunate she’s been able to combine her two passions in life of diving and photography.  She’s been actively diving for 29 years, 24 of which have been technical diving. Becky is on the US Antarctic Program’s Scientific Diving Control Board She is a Fellow in the Explorers Club and in 2013 she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. She leads expeditions all over the world to capture unique images that inspire others to explore our planet!

ClientProduction TitleServicesLinkYear
Wisconsin Maritime MuseumBringing Shipwrecks to LifeShowcasing 50 Great Lakes images, photogrammetry and 3D models.2023
Smithsonian Channel“Great Lakes Untamed” Episode 1 & 3Episode 1 & 3 on camera interview, stock footage and underwater shipwreck video.Link2022
SEIKO Watches Seiko "Save the Ocean" collectionExpedition Leader, Photographer & Talent – still photography and video for the new Save the Ocean collection that will be used in magazines, video and social media2022
NHKMiddle Island SinkholeUnderwater cameraman documenting cyanobacteria in Lake Hurons Middle Island Sinkhole in 6k2022
SEIKO Watches Seiko "Prospex Ice Diver"Expedition Leader, Photographer & Talent for ad campaign diving inside an Alaska Glacier. Featuring SEIKO Prospex Ice Diver Special Edition collection.2021
Discovery Channel & SEIKOSeiko Prospex CommercialUnderwater Videographer in Great Lakes to shoot 3 commercials featuring SEIKO ProspexLink2021
SEIKO PROSPEX – Discovery ChannelSeiko Prospex CommercialUnderwater Videographer in Great Lakes to shoot 3 commercials featuring SEIKO ProspexLink2021
SEIKO WatchesSeiko CampaignLead Photographer, Model, logistics and director for Ice Diver campaign shooting images for the project under ice in Michigan, USA 2021
SEIKO ProspexSeiko AntarcticaWatch ad campaign for print and social – Antarctica2020
Belize Diving ServicesDown to a Sunless SeaBelize Cave Diving project director of uw photography for short film showcasing exploration, cartography, and marine biology being done inside Giant Cave.2019
Smithsonian Channel Underwater Cameraman –Wreck Discovery of the USS EAGLE. Depth 260ft in Main.2018
Adventure Canada & Sedna EpicUW Cameraman in Arctic 2018
RED BULL Media House Underwater Cameraman – 6k - Florida caves 2018
Diving Unlimited International (DUI) Advertising video and stills shot in Antarctica diving in 0c/32f water around ice bergs, with seals and penguins. 2018
Discovery Channel Canada Daily Planet: Season 23 Ep25Feature segment on my Great Lakes Photography.Link2017
Great Lakes Echo Link2017
Discovery ChannelBillion Dollar Oyster ProjectUnderwater Director of Photography 2017
Pure Imagination Studios National Geographic 360-degree theater projectUnderwater Cameraman shot to obtain both 6k footage of sea lions, giant pacific octopus and wolf eels. British Columbia, Canada2017
National Geographic One Strange RockUnderwater AC / Lighting “One Strange Rock” shot in Abaco and Andros Bahamas.2016
Sedna Arctic ExpeditionUnderwater & Topside Cameraman - 5 educational web outreach videos in Iqaluit Canada shooting under ice, ROV’s, and marine critter collections for touch tanks. 2016
NBC Today Show / NBC National Underwater Live shots with 20+ Bull SharksUnique shoot doing multiple live hits in 6ft seas offshore in Florida covering Great White shark sightings. Several national packages aired as well. 2015
Flex SealCommercialUnderwater Cameraman “Flex Seal Colors” Turned a 1940’s classic truck into a submarine.Link2015
Travel ChannelAmerica’s Great OutdoorsDirector of Photography “Americas Great Outdoors” Underwater Caves of Florida. MacGillivray Freeman Films2015
Travel Channel America’s Great OutdoorsUnderwater Cinematographer “Americas Great Outdoors” Civil War Wreck 1×60 MacGillivray Freeman Films2015
VICE Media Underwater SculptureUnderwater Cameraman “Underwater Sculpture” Nassau Bahamas filming Jason Taylor assemble a 60-ton sculpture underwater. 2014
Belize Diving Services CommercialsUnderwater Director & Cameraman for 10 web commercials advertising technical diving in Belize. 2014
Sedna Expedition Underwater Cameraman on the “Proof of concept” Expedition in the Arctic filming under icebergs in -1C water temperatures. 2014
Travel Channel World AccessBonne Terre Mine; Underwater Director of Photography 1×60 episodes 2014
RED BULL Explorers SeriesThe Crystal LabyrinthDirector of Underwater Photography following cave explorer Brian Kakuk as he pushes deeper into the Crystal Caves of Abaco BahamasLink2014
National Geographic Hitler’s Secret Attack on AmericaUnderwater 3D camera operator, Still photographer documenting 250+ foot deep shipwrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic.2014
CBS Cave Diving Beyond the Limits4-part cave diving series. A short series on the unfortunate father/son death at Eagles Nest Sink, Training, Exploration and a cave rescue.2014
Weather Channel Catching HellUnderwater Cameraman 10x60min episodes. Commercial Spearfishing reality show in the Gulf of Mexico. 2013
BBCCloud LabDirector of Underwater Photography / Logistics2013
Duracell Quantum HerosDirector of Underwater Photography & Topside camera Commercial for new Quantum battery featuring the heroic actions of an underwater cave rescue. 2013
Animal Planet UnderworldDirector of Underwater Photography Repelling 60ft into unexplored underwater caves in the jungle of Mexico to discover Maya artifacts and human remains. 2013
National Geographic Channel Mayan Underworld: The Real DoomsdayDirector of Underwater Photography / Topside Second Camera. 2012
Discovery Channel Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice5×60 episodes (Original Productions) Underwater Cameraman. Diving in extreme conditions under ice in 27.5F /-2.5C degree waters of the Bering Sea. 2012
SKY TV & A&ETitanic: 100 Years in 3D(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Topside 3D cameraman.2012
Azteca Mexico Sharks of MexicoDirector of Photography. Filming & diving cageless with Great White sharks, Tiger, Bull and Whale Sharks. 2012
Speedo Fastskin 3 PhotoshootUnderwater Dive Team, lighting, and safety for still photography shoot with Olympic athletes Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte. 2011
Current TV Project ShiphuntUnderwater 3D cameraman & Still photographer documenting virgin shipwrecks in Lake Huron 315feet deep in 34 degree water. 2011
3NETBahamas Crystal Caves & Diving with DolphinsUnderwater First assistant 3D camera. 2011
3NETHumpback whales & Caves of the Dominican RepublicUnderwater & Topside 3D camera operator. 2011
Pangaea Exploration Unique expedition documenting Brazil’s remote deep seamounts in 200-300ft. Cameraman 2010
Discovery Channel Attack of the Giant Jellyfish 3DTopside & Underwater 3D Cameraman. 2010
National Geographic Wild AmazingTopside & UW Videographer; hand feeding Tiger Shark segment. 2010
CBS News Feature Story A rare look into Eagles Nest CaveUnderwater Cameraman - 300 feet deep **NATAS Emmy Award Winner and Winner of the RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Award 2011** 2010
National Geographic Channel Journey to an Alien MoonUnderwater Videographer.2009
NBC Today Show Tourist Shark Diving with Tiger SharksUnderwater cameraman.2009
National Park Service Alien Invaders 3DInvasive Quagga Muscles in Lake Mead. Underwater Videographer HD & 3D & still photographer.2008
National Geographic Channel Worlds Toughest FixesSecond Camera “Cruise Ship Engine” episode. 2008
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Making of a New Alvin SubmersibleCameraman HD & 3D. 2008
National Park Service B-29 Superfortress BomberUnderwater Videographer HD & 3D. (Produced for Lake Mead visitor center educational kiosk)2008
Discovery Science / Military Channel Quest for Sunken Warships: Operation HailstoneTopside & Underwater Cameraman.2007
Discovery Science / Military Channel Quest for Sunken Warships: The Mighty OriskanyTopside Camera 2 & Underwater Cameraman.2007


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  • 2014 – 4 NATAS Emmy Awards for “Cave Diving: Beyond the Limit Special” Technical Achievement, PromoTrailer.
  • 2011 – 1 NATAS Emmy Award for Eagles Nest Cave story
  • 2011 – RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Journalism
  • 2011 – National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest winner (published in Nov/Dec 2011 Issue)
  • 2011 – Dive Photo Guide Photo Contest winner for Freshwater
  • 2011 – Dive Rite Photo Contest 2nd place
  • 2011 – Kodak Photo of the month of June -worldwide contest
  • 2010 – Dive Rite Photo Contest 2nd place
  • 2009 – Kodak Photo of the month of November – worldwide contest
  • 2006 – UnderwaterPhotography.com Bronze medal winner in Diver Category. Worldwide photography competition
  • 2005 – Florida AP Award for “Best Spot News”

Not only is Becky a professional diver but she can also teach your talent and crew to dive or act as a divemaster. As an active Instructor since 2000 she’s introduced many individuals the the underwater world. For better shooting results and longer bottom times she uses and teaches rebreather technology. Along with the use of Nitrox and Tri-mix gasses for dives in the 150 ft – 400 foot technical diving depths. See all certifications below.

  • Scuba Instructor SDI / TDI #19409
  • Scuba Instructor NAUI #35708
  • Nitrox & Technical Nitrox Instructor
  • Rebreather Instructor (Megaolodon & Pathfinder units)
  • Trimix CCR Instructor
  • Divemaster
  • Full Cave Diver since 2000
  • Tri-mix
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather – Megalodon
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather – Evolution
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather – KISS
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather – Pathfinder
  • Advanced Rescue & CPR
  • Full Face Mask underwater communications
  • Side mount
  • Mixed Gas Blender
  • Ice diving certified
  • Advanced Mixed gas CCR