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Meg CCR Course

$ 3500
Plus Expenses

Rebreathers are excellent tools for spending more time in the underwater environments we love. This course is unit specific for the Megalodon Rebreather. Rebreathers use the latest technology to maximize your gas supply and mix the best mix for any depth by maintaining a constant partial pressure of oxygen (PPO2). Basically they are a perfect nitrox or trimix mixing machine for every depth a diver is at. They are quiet and bubble-less on the bottom allowing for excellent marine life encounters. If you’re already into technical diving a rebreather will extend your limits even further and save you money and time in gas fills plus they are lighter than double tanks. As a photographer a rebreather has allowed me to do dives that I never would have dreamed of and spend as much time as i’d like too enjoying diving in a whole new way. During the dives you will be taught all of the necessary skills to conduct safe CCR dives to a maximum depth of 30 m/100 feet with no decompression. The Megalodon / Tiburon was designed for the most demanding dives with consideration for the diver and their needs. Addressing not only the basic requirements of performance that a true 3rd party tested CCR must undergo, but also the other considerations that is not considered, such as travel and conducting repairs in remote locations. The new Tiburon head is powered by Shearwater Electronics. A shearwater  Petrel 3 handset controls the head and a shearwater HUD. A NERD 2 can also be added to replace the HUD.


  • Very customizable being a modular rebreather
  • Mixed Gas capable 
  • 5.5lb Radial Scrubber (8lb Radial additional)
  • eCCR configuration with Shearwater Petrel 3 color handset, HUD (NERD 2 can be added) 
  • Counter lung system designed for water trapping, water expulsion and easy work of breathing. 
  • ISC Exclusive dual partitioned breathing loop protects the diver from caustic cocktails.
  • Aluminum canister with black mil-spec hard coat anodizing 
  • Any brand backplate/harness/ wing system will fit on the unit.
  • Shadow mounts on canister allow the mounting of any cylinder size 15cf / 2L or 23cf / 3L Fabers.
  • Will easily fit in the overhead of an airplane during travel!
  • To Price a Megalodon Rebreather email Becky@LiquidProductions.com or CLICK HERE 

Prerequisites for the course are:

  • Certified in Advanced Nitrox
  • Experienced diver (100+ dives)
  • Be proficient in all basic diving skills / technical diving skills strongly preferred 
  • Proof of dive certifications and log book required 

Course Description 

  • Academic time :  8-12 hours
  • Confined water & Open Water Training & 420 minutes of open water dive time. 
  • Qualifications of graduates: The objective is to be able to comfortably operate the rebreather and dive safely to 100 feet/30msw using air diluent with an operating PO2 of 1.3 ata.
  • Safety and building your confidence on CCR is our first priority, Diving is fun and we’ll make sure we have some of that during class too! 

Cost  (2 student minimum : 3 max) 

$3500 per person 

  • Cost does not include your expenses such as O2, Sorb, Site entry fees, or lodging. 
  • Instructor expenses will be split between all students at the end of the class. 
  • Becky would be happy to travel to your area for training.  Please contact us to discuss options. 

Note: This class does not just cover the minimum information you need to know and minimum standards. My training course runs 6 days long which is longer than standard 5 day CCR courses. I have developed a study guide for my students that I will give you once i’ve received the course deposit. There will also be a training packet of paperwork and manuals to start studying! This is advanced level training and i expect students to study and come prepared for the class.

A typical schedule is:

Day 1-  Academics

Day 2-  Academics, nomenclature, set up units, equipment adjustments

Day 3 – Dirt dive units and learn in water skills, confined water session / Gear modifications and tweaks

Day 4- Dives 1 & 2

Day 5- Dives 3 & 4

Day 6- Dives 5 -7,  finish  exams

STUDENTS WILL COME PREPARED and ready for instruction. Tardiness is rude to the other students in the class and showing up unprepared isn’t recommended. We move quickly and have a lot of information to cover. I will send you all of the reading material in advance and I’m always available for questions before or after your class. This is an advanced course and previous drysuit and technical diving experience is extremely helpful. Don’t set yourself up for failure by coming unprepared. I will do my best to help you become a safe and confident rebreather diver but you have to have the right mindset coming into this course. I want you to succeed and help all of my students to the best of my ability to earn their certification and enjoy becoming part of the Meg Family.

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