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Book a memorable dive trip with Becky!

From the Arctic to Antarctica, Becky runs selected dive trips throughout the year.  Check back often for newly added trips and openings!

Start DateEnd DateDurationLocationCost
11/17/202512/2/202515 NightsGalapagos Islands$15,995
7/30/20258/10/202511 NightsArctic Photography Exp.$17,500
7/16/20257/27/202511 NightsArctic Photography Exp.$16,000
2/10/20253/10/202527 NightsAntarctica - Weddell SeaOptions
11/27/202411/13/202417 NightsSouth Georgia Grand TourOptions
1/31/20242/20/202425 daysAntarctica - ShackletonOptions
2/20/20243/4/202414 DaysAntarcticaOptions
7/1/20247/8/20248 DaysGreat Lakes$3650