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Video Production Services

Our qualified camera operators shoot for Broadcast Television, Documentaries, Reality TV, 4k-6k RED EPIC and 3D High Definition video both In-Air and Underwater.

We are capable of directing and producing underwater scenes alone or putting together a full crew. Liquid Productions provides underwater cameramen, underwater photographers, safety divers, underwater lighting, underwater producers, talent, technical divers, surface supervisors, location scouting, guiding, logistics and more.

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Video Production Services

  • Underwater Cameraman
  • Rental Cameras /Underwater Housing rentals
  • Full Face Masks with Underwater Audio
  • Fiber optic cable 1000ft+ for live video feed to surface
  • Underwater lighting kits
  • Underwater Still Photography
  • Stock footage library
  • Location scout, site guide, logistics management
  • Safety divers
  • Consulting 
  • SDI / TDI Scuba Instruction

Underwater Direction and Communications

We also work with underwater talent to teach and supply them with full face masks and underwater communications to enhance the quality of the production. We have the ability to talk to each other underwater and talk to the surface depending on the location. We also have the capability to send a live picture from underwater to a surface monitor or go live! This is a special modification we've done to our camera that is not normally found. We have the ability to run cable 1000 + feet. We have used this in over 300 feet of water and inside of caves!

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If you would like more information about our video productions services or want to discuss a project, please don't hestitate to get in touch.



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